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About AirWayz

We started AirWayz with one mission: to change the traditional environment of connectivity between athlete and fan. We are excited to welcome you to this new world of possibility and empowerment. 


We are focused on creating a positive, non-toxic environment where our current and future generations can be inspired by stories, interactions and mentorship from their favorite athletes and ultimately, unlock their own potential on the sports field and in their life.

Our vision is to create a place that recognizes the legacies of the greatest athletes in the world and allows those legacies to be curated by the athlete themselves. 


AirWayz believes in the importance of sports, healthy communication and genuine connectivity so much that we will be donating 1% of all revenues generated to children’s charities and charities that advocate access to sports. Donations will also be made to charities focused on mental health and combating bullying in all forms. 

We are excited to be partnered with a comprehensive team of sports icons that are coming together and standing together to fight the toxicity that is plaguing social media and the youth around the world. 

Be the change with us.